I am a Mind Control victim

                I am a Mind Control victim, please read, and help me!

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Please believe this, I am a mind control victim from the Dutch Government or secret service!

When I was 17 years old and I was laying in my bed, I heard voices in my head, people where talking to me, they said what will we choose: Serial killer, terrorist or something else.

They began using the word Veronica, Again and again, my thought voice went in the air and changed (It was not my own thought voice anymore, and they said terrible, really terrible things to me. It came from my neighbor or people who use technology that it looks like it came from the neigbours.! They have now a lot of money, they most have got it from The Dutch Government or the Dutch Secret Service (AIVD) or another secret service in The Netherlands. They also changed my thought voice, and they use a device so other people who do this whithout other people can hear it they can use a different/or the same voice to say terrible things to me. They Can also talk with you directly through the laptop or television whithout other people can hear it. It's so real, I hear different people talk to me with this technology. They can also change words, what people say, or a group of people, so I think a lot of other people hear this also. They say terrible things.

They can also let you see things in your head, like pictures, and they can delete memories or change the way you feel or think: emotional or scared etc.

They make you really crazy, because they scream to me, without other people can hear it. I think they can hear my thought voice with brain waves that they use to read my mind or satalite, or electro magnetic waves. Maybe they also use wifi or something else so they can hear and see everything.

Since years now I am going to hell, because in all those years they ruined my life! I couldn't get my Dutch law diploma and I am really sad about this, other wise I was laywer now, because I had good grades, the first 6 month.

I tried to commit suicide two times, I jumped from a Dutch bridge, because they can even talk with you when you are miles from home, they said I should jump from the bridge. When I fell in the water, I thought I was dead! But I could swim to the other side of the bridge,And I pulled my jacket off slowly and walked to the highway, I almost couldn't walk. But by the highway I was trying to get help, and someone stopped his car and drove me to the hospital. The second time I used a lot off medicine, I was amost dead!

They could and or can see with your eyes what you see in your head, on a screen, and talk to you without other people can hear it, it looks like schizophrenia but it's mind control, I know for sure! No one believes me. I need help. They even talk in my sleep and create weird dreams.

They said really bad things, a gay boy from 17 years shouldn't hear, and the years after.

Now I am using for years benzodiazepines, and for 8 months morphine.

I hear the voices from all kinds off electronic devises, like the was-machine etc.

Please give me the change to start a new life in another country, and help other people who are mind control victims.

I will charge the Dutch Government and the Dutch secret service, but I need the money, please help me, and thousends of other people. You can read a lot about mind control on the Internet, not everything is true, but I know for sure they are using these technology in a lot country's.